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PLR is great because it’s content that’s done for you. What makes this content even better is that you are only competing with 49 other people – not hundreds or thousands like most other PLR products.

With a few minor tweaks, you can make this report unique to you. You can use as is, but I recommend (at a minimum) to create your own cover, change the title, and add your name or company-name or website URL.

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Teach your audience:

The Perils of Ignoring Exercise

There are still way too many people that disregard exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle. If you’re in the health/fitness niche, you may want to change the mindset of these people. Help them get on a healthier track.

This report will attempt to debunk most of their excuses for not getting their regular exercise. With real consequences at stake, this report will show the perils of a sedentary lifestyle. It will also show some benefits they can enjoy. And lastly, the report will end with ten easy exercises that can get the reader started today.

Details of the Report

“The Perils of Ignoring Exercise”

This report will help bring more awareness (and incentive) to living a healthier lifestyle that includes exercise. From here, you can promote additional health and exercise programs to them.

This 18 page 5,300+ word report covers the following:

- How it affects your heart

- How it affects your mental health

- How it affects your immune system

- How your bones and strength are affected

- What happens to your energy level, focus, productivity, and sleep

- How to stay motivated with a new routine

- 10 best home exercises to get started with

- More…

Here's all you are getting in this pack:

The report - in Word format

A PLR tip sheet and your license rights

Here's the Introduction from the Report:

If you put money in a cuss jar whenever you say “exercise,” then you need to read this report!

Too many people have one excuse after another to avoid the “dreaded” exercise. It’s the same old stories – “too busy – not enough time,” “I plan to start just as soon as…,” “I don’t need to lose any more weight,” “I feel perfectly fine without it,” and the list goes on.

Proper exercise can help you lose weight, improve your physical fitness, boost your mood, and more. Unfortunately, many people find it difficult to fit in regular exercise sessions. This makes sense - who has time to go to the gym when you’re working long hours, needing to eat dinner, catching up on work emails, and helping out with the kids?

But research shows that people who don’t get enough exercise are at higher risk of serious health problems like heart disease and diabetes—not to mention that they’re probably not as happy as they could be!

Even if you think you are doing fine today without an exercise routine, your future quality of life may depend on your actions today.

This report will first show the consequences of not exercising. Then you will learn more of the benefits of having a regular routine. Next, you will learn 10 simple at-home exercises you can do to get started today. Finally, you get some “getting started” action steps.

After reading this report, you should have no excuse to not include exercise in your regular routine – unless your doctor has advised you differently.

How Can You Use This Content?

· You can put your name (or company name or website URL) on it and use it as a lead magnet to build a list.

· You can break it up into individual blog posts.

· This would make a great series of autoresponder emails to educate and inform your audience.

· Add more content to turn it into an info product of your own that you can sell and keep 100% of the profits.

· Insert your affiliate links to it to earn commissions on third-party products and services

· Turn it into a transcript for a podcast...

· Turn it into a transcript for a video or series...

· Create a slide-share product

· and more!

Important: I really do stick to my 50-copy limit. Once the last copy is sold, there is no more.

Because of the limited copies available and digital nature of this product, all sales are final. There are no refunds.

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