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PLR is great because it’s content that’s done for you. What makes this content even better is that you are only competing with 49 other people – not hundreds or thousands like most other PLR products.

With a few minor tweaks, you can make this report unique to you. You can use as is, but I recommend (at a minimum) to create your own cover, change the title, and add your name or company-name or website URL.

The report as is will make a great lead magnet, or you could break it down into blog posts, or use as valuable email content/training. But, if you add some additional content, you can easily sell it as your own digital product for 100% profit.

Teach your audience:

“How to Overcome Perfectionism”

Perfectionism in business is quite common. But it can slow a person’s business development down considerably, and in some cases completely destroy it.

This report will first help the reader identify how much of a perfectionist they are. Then it will show three main types of perfectionism followed by how it may be hurting their business. Finally, the report will present 10 ways the reader can overcome perfectionism in their business.

Details of the Report

“How to Overcome Perfectionism”

Can work in virtually any niche where the reader is trying to build some kind of business, but they’re stuck. Often, it’s from perfectionism - something that they may not even be aware of. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy.

This 16 page 4,000+ word report covers the following:

- Top 10 Characteristics of a Perfectionist
- 3 Main Types of Perfectionism that Can Stall Your Business
- How Perfectionism is hurting your business

- 10 ways to overcome perfectionism in business
- Mindset
- Fear of Failure
- Expert Syndrome
- Attitude
- Perfection – an All-or-Nothing problem
- Setting unrealistic goals
- Paralysis from Analysis
- Much more…

Here's all you are getting in this pack:

The report - in Word formats

A PLR tip sheet and your license rights

Here's the Introduction from the Report:

Most entrepreneurs want to offer their best – whether a physical product, digital product, or service. That’s a good thing for both the consumer and your business alike. With so much competition in the marketplace, sub-standard will sink your business in a flash.

Continually striving to improve and provide the best will not go unnoticed. Not only will you see more sales, but consumers will often spread a good word about your brand and products.

The problem is many entrepreneurs take this quest for the best a little too far. The need to produce everything perfectly. It’s truly a noble plan.

However, it comes with a price.

The obsession with perfection can actually stall or even sink your business. To be clear, you surely want to produce your best. But there comes a point when good enough may be good enough. That is, there’s a point when your product/service meets a minimal level of quality and acceptance that it can be released. Updates and improvements can follow. Your business goes on.

But simply saying, “don’t be a perfectionist” is of course easier said than done. For starters, there’s different types of perfectionism and different characteristics of the perfectionist. Those types and characteristics are necessary to understand before any remedy can be applied.

That is what this report is all about. What characteristics do YOU possess? What type of perfection applies to your business? And finally, what remedy (or remedies) will work best for you and your business?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. This report will help you identify your specific challenges and help you plan a tailored solution.

How Can You Use This Content?

· You can put your name (or company name or website URL) on it and use it as a lead magnet to build a list.

· You can break it up into individual blog posts.

· This would make a great series of autoresponder emails to educate and inform your audience.

· Add more content to turn it into an info product of your own that you can sell and keep 100% of the profits.

· Insert your affiliate links to it to earn commissions on third-party products and services

· Turn it into a transcript for a podcast...

· Turn it into a transcript for a video or series...

· Create a slide-share product

· and more!

Important: I really do stick to my 50-copy limit. Once the last copy is sold, there is no more.

Because of the limited copies available and digital nature of this product, all sales are final. There are no refunds.

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